Secretary for SCRL

We currently do not have a secretary for the SCRL program. If you or someone you know are interested in the position, please contact any of the current officers or just attend our next meeting on November 15th at the FOP in Pennsville.

Thank you.

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Suggested Tie-breaker for playoff/post season seeding.

Our current by laws state:

  1. WINNING PERCENTAGE (division games only)
  3. LOTTERY NUMBER (drawn @ last pre-season meeting) or PLAY-IN GAME (only to determine the final seed in playoff).
  4. The new suggested order would be: 1. HEAD-TO-HEAD. WINNING PERCENTAGE THEN LOTTERY#/PLAY-IN GAME.
Suggested Tie-breaker for playoff/post season seeding. 2017-10-24T15:22:46+00:00

League Notes

-If you’re program has a coach, or coaches, who are responsible for coaching more than 1 team, it would be helpful to have an assistant available to stand in for games. The biggest challenge facing the completion of the rural league schedule is trying to accommodate each individual conflict. We are aware that finding coaches is a difficult process. Some school-based programs may want to consider becoming a Rec program to maybe lighten the burden of finding qualified coaches.

-If your facility hosts a game, regardless of who is playing, you are responsible for the refs. You can use the door and concession monies to cover the cost.

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